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Our Fans


Rakim Sanders, 2x Italy Super Cup, 3x Italian Cup, 2x League Champion, 2x Italian League Finals MVP and 2016 Italian Cup MVP

“Growing up in a tough neighborhood, it has always been hard for me to trust people. From the day I met Dave, he has continuously strived to prove his authenticity to me. In this business, it’s rare that you find someone who speaks to make you understand and who listens to your questions, problems, and achievements. Whatever I go through, I know Dave is right there to guide me through it. There are so many angles that need to be considered in this game, and I am able to tackle the mental, business, and fan standpoints thanks to this guidance. I’m fortunate to be able to say I not only found a business partner, but a lifelong friend also.”

Kelvin Martin, Germany ProA Forward of the Year 2014-15, Italian Lega2 All-Star 2015-16, Germany BBL Cup Final 4 2016-17

“Dave has been my agent for 5 years.  In that team he’s shown me he is a hard worker, loyal and believes in his clients.  Especially in this business it’s hard to find someone to work with that will find the best situation for you as a player and financially.  Dave has a unique way of putting you in the right position to be successful.  Also, Dave’s honesty and willingness to always be upfront makes it easier to work with him.  I truly appreciate Dave and all he has done for me.  He has helped me grow as a player and as a man.  There is no question me and Dave will still be friends even after my playing career in pro basketball is over.”

Penny Williams, MEAC POY ’13 and NABC All-Star ‘14, Combo-Guard Virtus Bologna, Italy

“I was referred to Dave Gasman by a very good friend. Asking around, I heard nothing but great things about him. From the first time we met and discussed everything, it was very clear who I wanted to sign with. He kept it real and was very straightforward about the whole process. Once I signed, he got straight to work for me. He helped me get NBA workouts like I dreamed and hoped for. He also helped me make it onto a NBA summer league team. In my first year overseas he has helped me land a great opportunity to start off my career, on a good team in a great league that complements me and my skills. Outside of basketball we have a great relationship. I am very comfortable with him and feel like I can go to him for his advice about anything. He also has a great relationship with my parents and I’ve met his family as well. I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead for both of us.”

Omar Thomas, Italian Cup Champion 2014

“Through many different obstacles in my career, I have continually turned to Dave for guidance and advice in all areas of my life. He has been there as a voice of reason and professionalism when times were difficult and stood in the stands where times were at their best. I truly respect him as a person, agent, advisor and friend. I’m very lucky to be able to work with him. He has extended my career and resume and he has given me great opportunities.”

Anne Thomas (wife of Omar Thomas)

“It has been a pleasure to work with a man that is not only well versed in basketball but one who understands the logistics of what it takes to be respected on and off the court. Dave has not only been a great agent to my husband but has continually been there to help guide different aspects of our lives as a family. He works to help us achieve our goals and continues to aid in achieving success for Omar’s career. We have truly been blessed to have a hardworking and selfless man in our ‘court’.”

Laci Swann (wife of Isaiah Swann)

“Overtime is not just about basketball. This agency is a trusted & respected partnership that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Working with highly intelligent and compassionate individual who genuinely cares about his clients, both on and off the court, is such a unique rarity in the sports world, and I’m blessed to witness what has been achieved for his clients. Dave brings an unprecedented level of professionalism and dignity to a difficult business. I can’t stress his fierce loyalty enough, for he’s truly a man who believes in his clients’ dreams and will see them through to their utmost potential. Dave effortlessly treats each client as though they are his only priority, and his ability to balance their interests and needs is exceptional.”

Marques Green, 2x Italian Cup champion

“Dave Gasman has been very influential to my basketball career overseas. Most agents just try to put players on any team that’s available, but Dave puts me on teams that complement my skills and with a coach who really understands what I bring to a team. Off the court, Dave is very close to my wife and kids which makes me trust his in sight that much more. Overall it has been very beneficial working with Dave Gasman.”

Isaiah Swann, German BBL All-Star MVP and Israeli League Champion

“Dave has done so much in advancing my career as a player, not to mention SAVING my career. Because Dave cares so much about you as an individual, he will not let you fall to the wayside. That’s never an option in his mind. Dave has single-handedly propelled my success due to his hard work, persistence, and positive relationships with teams all over the world. He is one of the most well-connected agents out there, and with everywhere I’ve played there have always been great words spoken about him. As a player with a drive to reach the top, I truly feel that Dave will do everything in his power to help you reach your goals.”

Andre Collins, Italy Lega2 Defensive Player of Year 2014

“I started out seeking just a business partner. Someone who would represent and promote me in a great way. Not only did I gain this, but I also gained a friend. It’s very rare in our business to have played 8 professional seasons and have one agent. I’m lucky to have done this. Dave really cares about the well being of his played and their families on and off of the court. No matter the problem he’s always available and will do his best to help and come up with the best solution. He’s a hard worker and I am so thankful for everything he has done for me.” 

Jobey Thomas, Portugal Supercup winner ’14, 13 year European professional

“Now in my 12th professional season I have been privileged to work with Dave since day 1. In a business where honesty and trustworthiness are hard to find, he has always demonstrated both. His understanding of the game and relationships with organizations around the globe have put me in the best situations to succeed as a player. In the world of professional sports there are many off the court distractions that can make our job on the court more challenging. With an unrivaled passion and work ethic, Dave has made it easy for me to focus on my responsibilities as a basketball player. My family and I are truly thankful for all he has done!”